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One of a Kind Fairy Art Dolls

The dolls in this gallery have been "pure sculpted" which means that each one was sculpted by hand. I start by creating the head and then I form the rest of the body over a strong wire armature. These fairies were all sculpted by me, using ProSculpt Polymer clay. Their hair and costumes are added after they are baked in an oven, and their features are hand painted. Their wings are handmade from Angelina film and fun wire.

 I like to imagine my fairies as real little people who have just stopped by to say hello for a little while. They're usually up for sale in my etsy shop, which is linked to the left. I also often post progress pictures on Instagram.

 Thanks for peeking! 

You can click on any thumbnail below to see a larger picture in the gallery. 

OOAK Fairy Gallery

A princess hiding a secret that could destroy her kingdom. A fairy who yearns to protect her. Will she accept his help, or will her fear of her own power send both of their realms tumbling into darkness forever?  

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